Wine and wineries in Mallorca: new experiences of an old tradition


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Do you want to experience the sensations of "wine tasting" in Mallorca?

Whether you are a wine lover or just like to enjoy a good glass of wine with the best company, this post is for you.

Mallorca is known worldwide for its good wine, the best wines win prizes in international competitions and its reputation for quality is getting better. It may be one of Mallorca's best kept secrets. Mallorcan wines have been growing little by little, generation after generation, maintaining the tradition together with the most modern techniques that make, today, the wines of Mallorca are highly appreciated and valued.

The wineries of Mallorca

Mallorca has more than 70 wineries, some are still family businesses with a production between 100 and 1,000 bottles and others, however, have grown remarkably exporting their production throughout Europe. The growing demand for food and wine tourism has meant that several wineries have organized to open their doors and accompany tourists and wine lovers in unique experiences. Strolling through the extensive vineyards, going through the history and the winemaking process, knowing the properties of the different grape varieties and the typical smell of the must, are the perfect starter to prepare for the tasting of the best wines and typical products of Majorca.

Wine Tasting in Mallorca

The wine route in Mallorca starts right in the center of Mallorca. In the areas of Santa María, Binissalem, Consell and Sencelles, the best wineries in Mallorca are concentrated. All of them a few kilometers away from the Costa Azul Hotel, such as José L Ferrer, Macia Batle, Binigual or Bodegas Jaume de Puntiró, among many others. In them you will not only enjoy tasting a good wine, but you will also know a little more about the Mallorcan culture and tradition and how to make a good Mallorcan wine. If we go to the East of the island, in the area of Manacor, we will also find several well-known vineyards. About 50 kilometers from the Hotel Costa Azul on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma, in the 4 Kilos Winery (Felanitx), you will find the story of a musician and an oenologist who founded this company in a garage using milk containers for their first wines. Today, the winery is full of awards for its excellent wines that combine creativity and deep knowledge. If you want to know one of the oldest wineries in Mallorca, we recommend Bodegas Ribas (Consell). Founded in 1711, it offers a full visit for € 15 including, in addition, an oil tasting. Another well-known winery is José Luis Ferrer (Binissalem), about 20 minutes from the Hotel Costa Azul, founded in 1931. It has always been a family business. One of the largest wineries in Mallorca is Macia Batle (Santa María del Camí), with some 70 hectares of vineyards. Among the most modern at the same time as traditional, Ànima Negra (Felanitx). They produce high quality wines with a lot of body, from varieties of native grapes, mainly callet.

Enjoy the wines of Mallorca during your stay at the Hotel Costa Azul

If you do not have much time or your stay is short to travel the whole route of the wines and wineries of Mallorca, do not worry, at the Hotel Costa Azul on the Paseo Marítimo of Palma de Mallorca, you can experience these sensations enjoying some of Mallorcan wines. Paired with a good pa am boli prepared especially for you by our chef you can enjoy a moment of disconnection overlooking the sea. The wines of the island that you will find in our menu are the following: Red wine the Columpio Negre (D.O. Binissalem - Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mderlot and Black Mantle). Dare with our grapes. White wine the Columpio Balnco (D.O. Binissalem - Prensal Blanc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc). Pure essence of Mallorca. If you have any questions ask our team. We will gladly advise you.

Have you been wanting to experience these sensations and discover a different Mallorca?

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