Why to visit Mallorca in winter


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A winter in Mallorca is like when a soft sea breeze takes you by surprise by brushing against your skin, following the sigh of the waves. Without a doubt, winter in Mallorca can be one of the most surprising times of the year on this island.

Before travelling to Mallorca it’s important to decide where to spend these winter days, for many hotels close during the colder months. Thanks to its prime location and its year-long schedule, the Hotel Costa Azul becomes the perfect place in which to enjoy a winter holiday.

Below are some reasons why you should travel to Mallorca in winter.

A stroll on the beach For those of you who love the sea and tranquility, the beaches of Mallorca are a perfect place in which to disconnect in winter. Because life is about more than swimming in crystal-clear waters, you can walk along the sand while you listen to the sweet hum of the waves - an ideal plan for couples.

Villages in the Tramuntana Mountain Range

We can’t deny that the mountain range has a special charm that in winter becomes even more unique. Valldemossa, Deia, Soller, Fornalutx... A route through the different villages of the mountain range is the perfect break. Plus. if it coincides with the almond blossoms you will be able to contemplate one of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see.

Winter festivities

Demons, bonfires, toast… These are all in the spotlight during the traditional winter festivities, among them the San Sebastián de Palma festivities and the Sant Antoni de Sa Pobla festivities. For a whole week, the city becomes enshrouded in magic, concerts and endless activities for all ages.


Among the island’s various enticements are sports, an activity Mallorca is increasingly betting on for attracting tourism, for both the island’s weather and geography make it an ideal place in which to practice them. Cycling or trekking are some of the main sports you simply have to try if you visit Mallorca.

These are some of the reasons why Mallorca is the perfect winter destination. At the Hotel Costa Azul we offer you our various rooms for you to share with your family or your significant other and enjoy a warm and unforgettable winter holiday.