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Enotourism in Mallorca

The island can boast about being the producer of incredible wine, which you can taste in the majority of restaurants in Mallorca, but if you’re a wine lover, we recommend taking a step further and travelling Mallorca though its wine.

The extensive number of wine varieties makes the island the perfect place to enjoy wine. The wineries usually organise guided tours to learn about the facilities and the vineyards, and of course to taste their selection of wines. From Hotel Costa Azul, your accommodation in Mallorca, we can help you organize a visit to some of the most enchanting wineries on the island.

In this post we’re going to tell you about the visit to Bodegas Bordoy, one of the Designation of Origin (D.O.) Pla i Lellvant wineries, which is one of the areas with the longest wine making traditions on the island.

Bodegas Bordoy is located in Llucmajor and has a wide variety of grapes, among them some local varieties such as Callet, Prensal Blanc, Giró Ros and Gargollassa.

During the visit to the wineries, you’ll have the chance to get to know first hand how wine is made. An expert winemaker will accompany you during the visit to show you the heart and soul of the wineries, with a guided tour that won’t leave you indifferent.

You’ll also be able to taste their excellent wines amongst the barrels, enjoy the flavours and tastes and get to know their main characteristics from experts on the subject.

June is a special month for visiting the vineyards, since the veraison takes place, one of the phases in the ripening period when the grapes change colour. However, August and September are also special since the harvest occurs. On the other hand, in winter the grapevines loose their leaves and stay like that throughout winter, which is a quieter time in the vineyard although the work doesn’t stop either.

Sa rota is the name of the wine from Bodegas Bordoy; Sa rota white, rosé and red. An exquisite wine, which you can of course find on the wine lists of the hotel.

A visit to remember since we’re talking about a very special winery, with history and a lot of charm. After such a full day, can you imagine anything better than relaxing in your wonderful room at our hotel in Palma.

Photo: web Bodegas Bordoy