Experience a very special Valentine’s Day in Palma de Mallorca


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Find love at our romantic hotel in Mallorca by the sea

Spring takes its first tentative steps and alerts us to the prospect of something promising in the air. It is the time when many bird species pair up and mate, and remind us that love is all around us.

At the Costa Azul Hotel we want to celebrate this special time, and we can’t think a better way than organizing a very special Valentine’s Day with every little detail taken care of. From 12 to 14 February, come to our hotel in Palma and enjoy some romantic days by the sea.

But why do we celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14? And who was this Valentine?

Valentine was a priest who lived in the third century in Rome. At that time, the emperor decided to ban marriages between young people, since unattached young men made better soldiers. Valentine thought this was unjust and decided to continue marrying young lovers in secret. When the Emperor found out about the clandestine weddings, he ordered the rebellious priest to be seized and martyred and executed him on February 14th.

This year at the Hotel Costa Azul we have prepared an all-inclusive offer for those who want to spend this special day with their partner: our ‘Only for you’ Package.

The lovers will be feted upon their arrival with champagne, chocolates and a selection of succulent strawberries. The first to book can opt to upgrade (for free) to our most exclusive room, the Vista Mar, to spend this most romantic of nights. A night with the person you love, where the only obligation will be to enjoy each other's presence and be happy.

When the sun rises, the couple will be able to indulge their senses with a continental breakfast overlooking the sea in the privacy of their own room, glass of champagne included. And of course there’ll be no need to hurry – couples who take up the offer will have a late check-out time of 13:00.

To complete the package, what better than a visit to our Espai Wellness? The offer includes a lovely relaxing massage for the couple lasting 25 minutes.

Experience a change of scenery and surprise your partner: spend Valentine’s Day in our boutique hotel in Palma and let yourself be seduced by a host of romantic details that will ensure you have a special time to remember.