Sunset cocktail Inauguration


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A sea of poetry: one day we dreamed of it and today it's a reality

The Hotel Costa Azul's makeover has taken over two years. Since the germ of an idea was formed; its strong points identified, and how to carry it out; the plans drawn up, and the work begun... there have been two years of intense changes that have also included the service and the hotel's internal management.

Today, all this is a reality.

We threw a launch party so we could share with the Hotel Costa Azul's friends the joy and excitement we felt about this thrilling challenge, the new facilities and infrastructures, the new concept related to the sea and literature, and our strong resolve to provide the best service in this new phase.

From 8 in the evening till past midnight, the guests enjoyed cocktails on the terrace as the sun set. During their guided tours, the hotel staff described to them A sea of poetry's main features and what lies behind the selection of the poems and their arrangement by theme on the various floors.

Ruspell gave an impromptu concert of both electronic and organic music, and Bel Alzamora performed a complete dance show. In the bedrooms, Trampa Teatre delighted the guests on their organized tours with surprise micro-theatre pieces. The finale of the party was an acoustic concert for the night owls amongst the guests, performed by Dream On.

It was a delightful evening amongst friends, which we've made this video of. We hope you like it.

Many thanks to those of you who shared these moments with us!