Sunrise overlooking the Bay of Palma


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Did you know that dawn is the time of day with the least air pollution and the clearest skies?

If you stay in a hotel with views you can even enjoy them from the comfort of your own bed. Waking up before the sun comes up, and being able to enjoy a spectacular sunrise with views of the Bay of Palma, is an experience that you cannot afford to miss.

At Hotel Costa Azul we have a variety of different rooms with a view, all of which have a furnished, private terrace so that you can sit back and enjoy a landscape unlike any other; El Paseo Marítimo de Palma.

We haven´t forgotten to include all the tech that you just can’t live without these days: free WiFi and satellite TV and even a multimedia box. Of course, you do always have the option to switch your phone off. After all, you are on holiday. If you´re travelling for work, we´ll make sure you´re always connected. We take into account all of the little things that are important to you, so each bedroom has a minibar with a fridge and courtesy beverages. There is also a kettle so you can enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee whenever you fancy.

The sea view double are located on the lower floors of the hotel.

The premium rooms are both elegant and cosmopolitan and finished to a high standard; something unique to a charming hotel.

The premium plus rooms are on the top floors of the hotel, equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine, daily restocked minibar and with a special welcome provided. Finally, we have the splendid Hotel Suite.

Plan your trip and choose your ideal room, choosing from the different options to find one that´s just right for you.

From our rooms with views over the sea, you can see how the sun rises behind the Cathedral, as it starts to illuminate the city, the port and the whole Bay of Palma, little by little. It´s a true spectacle of light and colour, and you can watch it right from our hotel in Mallorca.

To tempt you even more you can take a look at our 24 hour time-lapse over the Bay of Palma taken from our Hotel Suite.

We hope you like it! Everyday life gives us special moments, like the sunset, and some say that being able to enjoy these little moments is the secret to happiness.