Los Trogloditas record their Acoustic Moment at the Costa Azul Hotel


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The Spanish rock band rehearsed the mise-en-scène of their ‘new’ first album in the Tramuntana Lounge Bar

Los Trogloditas have embarked on a new adventure: a new album and a tour to launch a new phase that's bound to be studded with smash hits.

A new phase that we wanted to share with them, since the historic rock band leaped at the chance of joining the Costa Azul Hotel's The Sea of Music project, and took up our invitation to record an Acoustic Moment with us in the Tramuntana Lounge Bar next to the swimming pool of our hotel on Palma Bay.

Nunca esperes por mí was the song chosen for recording this Acoustic Moment, which sent shivers running up and down our spines as we listened to them play and sing in the Tramuntana Lounge Bar. The eye-popping views of Palma Bay and the city's marina, with the waters of the Mediterranean infused with sunlight, made the day a unique experience.

It doesn't surprise us that Andreu Muntaner "Wolf", the band's vocalist, should want to make our hotel with sea views his new home.

After recording their Acoustic Moment, Los Trogloditas sat down to a refreshing cocktail and a tasty appetizer on the terrace of the swimming pool. The sea breeze and the rays of the Mallorcan midsummer sun inspired them to sing to acoustic accompaniament other themes from their new album, with the city of Palma and Mallorca Cathedral as the backdrop to this improvised set.

The Acoustic Moments are intimate recordings in which the artistes perform their songs in different nooks of the Costa Azul Hotel with the intention of finding an answer to the question we put to them: What can one do in a nook of the Costa Azul Hotel?

Music in its pure state, in unexpected nooks throughout the whole Hotel. On our hotel in Palma de Mallorca's Youtube channel you can relish all of the Acoustic Moments.