Scuba-diving in Mallorca


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Discover the sunken paradise that lies beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean

If you’re a lover of marine life, you’ve just found the ideal post! Here we will propose the best plan for your visit to Mallorca.

The first thing you should do is stay in one of our rooms with a seaview and admire the splendid image of the boats docked in front of your terrace, from where you will be able to watch a dreamy sunset.

After a good-night’s sleep at our spa hotel in Mallorca, can you think of a better way of getting to know the fabulous corners of the island than by exploring its clear waters?

Mallorca is considered one of the best destinations for scuba-diving in the Mediterranean. Its calm and crystal-clear waters, astonishing biological variety and pleasant temperature all make both locals and visitors submerge in its waters all year long.

Along its coast there are incredible areas for scuba-diving: underwater rocky outcrops full of life, sandy plains smattered with impressive fields of neptune grass, or ghostly shipwrecks inhabited by morays.

Its calm waters are the ideal means for appreciating the beauty of the Mediterranean biodiversity. But it is also the ideal place for those who want to learn this fascinating sport.

Both if you are an expert or if you just want to begin, your best option is to head to one of the scuba-diving centers in Mallorca. These centers organize trips to the most beautiful parts of the island for scuba-diving, as well as courses for all levels. You will also be able to rent the equipment for your underwater adventure.

Very near the hotel you will find the scuba-diving center Isurus, one of the most experienced centers for subaquatic activities in Palma. Check your activity schedule and safely enjoy this great Mallorca luxury. You will also be able to enjoy a special price if we referenced you to go. Don’t miss this chance and take a dive!

Safety is a basic rule in scuba diving, and you should never start an immersion if you haven’t cross-checked everything. Consult any doubts you may have. From the Costa Azul Hotel we want to give you some more tips:

Scuba-diving is an activity that consumes a high level of energy, whereby it’s very important to get your batteries charged before going out. Wake up early and enjoy a complete breakfast in the buffet of our Palma restaurant, Xaloc.

You will be quite a long time exposed to the sun, so it is important to be prepared. Take enough water with you and don’t forget to also carry sunscreen, sunglasses and our Hotel Costa Azul cap.

A complete but light meal is key for an energy-filled day. Warn us and we will prepare you a picnic with all you need to not give out.

Need more information? If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Photos: Isurus Diving Center.