Santa Catalina, the neighbourhood that best expresses Palma's “local colour”


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Very close to the Costa Azul Hotel is one of the city's most authentic neighbourhoods, lively by day and very lively by night

Palma's an ideal city for all of you who're looking for accommodation in Mallorca and want an experience that combines well with sun and sand. Many of you pick our brains to know what's worth visiting, where the “in” bars and cafés are, and which restaurants in Palma have really good food. And your wish is our command. On this occasion we want to tell you about one of Palma's liveliest and most charming neighbourhoods: Santa Catalina.

A five-minute walk from our boutique hotel in Palma will get you to this neighbourhood vibrant with local colour. Santa Catalina is Palma's old fishing quarter, with well-preserved traditional houses one or two storeys high. It still has its characteristic terraces, façades with Mallorcan blinds and balconies screened from the bright sun by trademark white curtains.

One of the main points of interest that we recommend to you is the indoor farmer's market, where you can sip apéritifs in between shopping for Mallorca's finest produce. The gourmets among you will enjoy tasting the pinchos and tapas that they serve in the cafés and restaurants in and around the market hall.

The neighbourhood has two very popular streets where you can be sure of finding a nice restaurant in Mallorca or a bar in which to have an after-dinner drink: Sant Magí street and Fàbrica street, which is pedestrianized. Either one is a great starting-point for your exploration of Santa Catalina.

Santa Catalina's a happy blend of late 19th-century quaintness and 21st-century modernity in the form of chic, cosmopolitan bars and avant-garde restaurants. The latest trends in art are present in many of the neighbourhood's retail outlets.

Santa Catalina has bags of personality, a very well-defined identity of its own, and a cosmopolitan and almost wild spirit that makes it a neighbourhood like no other. Same as the Costa Azul Hotel.