Enjoy Sant Sebastià 2015 in Palma de Mallorca


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This annual fiesta brings together thousands of people in the city centre, right next to our hotel in Palma

Every year in mid-January, residents and visitors alike forget the cold weather and flock to the streets of Palma to enjoy the warmth, tradition and holiday cheer of the fiesta of Sant Sebastià, patron saint of the city.

Come to our hotel and join the townsfolk of Palma in one of their most cherished and traditional celebrations. Feel part of the fiesta, and discover the beauty of the night and its bonfires.

This year, the complete programme of festivities runs from 10th to 25th January, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the finest concerts, exhibitions and cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities.

On Saturday, January 17th, at 10 pm the traditional Sant Sebastià correfoc gets underway on the Costa de la Sang, an open-air fiesta in which colles de dimonis (gangs of demons) from different parts of the island gather in the capital with the aim walking the streets to the beat of music and drums, throwing fireworks and firecrackers as they dance. It’s not a dangerous fiesta, but you should take some precautions such as wearing cotton clothing to safeguard against the sparks, or keeping a safe distance from the epicentre of the celebrations if it's your first time.

But the centrepiece of the festivities is undoubtedly the Sant Sebastià verbena, or open-air party, known as the Revetlla de Sant Sebastià. On the afternoon of January 19th, the city fills with bonfires (foguerons); these are lit at 8 pm so people can cook grilled meat, mainly sobrassada (cured sausage), botifarrons (black pudding) and bacon (known as xulla). As night falls music fills the city, with numerous concerts held in the main squares.

As you know, our boutique hotel in Palma supports culture in all its forms and expressions. From among the host of events lined up for the festivities, we would especially recommend the Balearic Islands First Annual Playwriting Tournament to be held in the Mar i Terra Theatre on 15th, 18th and 24th of January: a cultural experience in which four Balearic authors will face off through a dramatic reading of their texts by a group of actors.

Enjoy one of the city’s most cherished celebrations, which unfolds only a few minutes’ walk from our 4-star hotel in Palma, located right on the seafront.

Photo: Gerard Reyes - Creative Commons.