Palma welcomes Summer in with the Nit de Sant Joan


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The Costa Azul Hotel is just two steps from the city’s main beaches where most of the celebrations take place on Midsummer’s Night

If there are two red-letter days for the locals of Palma de Mallorca, they’re 19th January, Eve of the Feast of Sant Sebastià; and 23rd June, Eve of the Feast of Sant Joan (St. John). We at our hotel in Mallorca have already recommended that you celebrate the first one with us, and now we’re recommending that you do the same with the second.

The Nit de Sant Joan is a very popular celebration in Palma, of unknown origin – probably pagan from before the time of Christ – when the summer solstice festivities are re-lived. It’s also known as the Nit de les Bruixes (Witching Night), since it’s the night farthest from Christmas, and legend has it that it’s the devil’s favourite. It’s also closely connected with fire – hence it’s also known as the Nit del Foc (Night of Fire), – due to the popular belief that flames scare off the malevolent beings who visit the city on that night.

On the Nit de Sant Joan it’s customary to go to diner near a bonfire or on the beach. People pour onto Mallorca’s kilometers of sand to celebrate the shortest night of the year, and Palma City Council organizes activities for all the family. Those of you who stay at the Costa Azul Hotel can get to Palma’s main beaches, where most of the celebrations are held, either on foot if you’d like to stretch your legs, or by catching the bus that stops just across the road from our hotel in Palma.

There are many folk tales woven around the Nit de Sant Joan. One of the deepest-rooted popular beliefs is that bathing in the sea on the stroke of midnight helps keep the body healthy. We haven’t tested it scientifically, but what we can certify is that returning to the Costa Azul Hotel after a stimulating night-time swim, feeling the sea breeze on your skin, puts you in better spirits. And, what definitely is beneficial to the health is to relax on the following day in the wellness suite of our spa hotel in Mallorca.