Go out for a run at the Costa Azul Hotel


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Be sure to pack your running shoes when you come to stay with us

You venture out onto the terrace of your room, which faces the sea. As the sun prepares to rise behind Mallorca Cathedral, an idea pops into your head: "I'll go for a run right now this minute". And you decide to experience that sensation next to the sea, with the boats at their moorings watching you run past as you discover the city from a different angle, and feel its heartbeat with each pace. You know you're in the right place to start a great day.

Very close to there, you begin to come across other people running along the seafront, as the city begins to wake up facing the sea. You don't feel as if you're away from home, because you've found somewhere special. Running buddies join you; you even form a team, and you decide to enjoy that time every morning of your stay.

You round off your training session with a balanced, wholesome breakfast in Xaloc, our Palma restaurant, with ingredients suited to your needs and tastes.

Our prime location facing the bay means that our Palma hotel is the starting-point for pleasant runs along the coast, well away from city-centre hustle and bustle and from cars, with the Mediterranean Sea as your companion.

Going out for a run from the Costa Azul is yet another experience that you'll be able to get a feel for at our Mallorca hotel. That's why we want it to be a part of the sensations that you feel during your stay at the Hotel.

Running brings you innumerable benefits: it enhances your mood, strengthens your heart and does your cardo-vascular system good. It also helps keep your blood pressure steady, lower your cholesterol, prevent osteoporosis and support your immune system.

We encourage you to let our staff members share with you their knowledge of the many trails that start from the Costa Azul Hotel. That way, all you'll have to do is slip on your running shoes and set off.