Laughter with Gomaespuma at the Costa Azul Hotel


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The comedy duo, who took part in Palma Comedy Festival, stayed with us during their visit to Mallorca

They say that when it comes to combating stress, laughter is the best medicine: throwing our heads back and laughing until our sides ache, about ourselves or anything at all. The body and mind need to relax, to wind themselves down. We imagine that it works both ways. Let's say that it does: that humour is also an excellent preventive medicine against stress. And, by this rule of thumb, at the Costa Azul Hotel we don't know what stress is. Not just because we wake up every morning admiring Palma Bay. Not just because we have the Mediterranean Sea 20 strides away. Of course, that helps too. A lot. We don't deny it. However, we're not talking about that alone: we're talking about The Sea of Humour.

Over the past three months some of the best comedians in Spain have come to the Costa Azul Hotel. With many of them we've sat down to talk over breakfast. But, above all, to laugh with them. The latest protagonists of The Sea of Humour were Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser, who form the duo Gomaespuma ("Foamrubber"). They were in Mallorca to take part in Palma Comedy Festival 2013. With them we shared a morning in the Embat Coffee Bar and Lounge over a hearty breakfast of pa amb oli, caffè latte and orange juice. Laughing consumes a lot of energy, which we need to replenish in another fashion.

With Gomaespuma we discussed The Sea of Poetry; the quest for inspiration (is it possible to find inspiration in a hotel?); what Mallorcans find funny; poets and comedians; and lots more besides. Hear for yourself what they replied: just click Play.

We wish to thank Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser, along with all the other comedians who have sat down to breakfast with us, for taking part, in one way or another, in The Sea of Humour at the Costa Azul Hotel.

You’re most welcome here at all times.