Quely crackers and Mallorcans


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Possibly the best cracker in the world

For most Mallorcans it’s “possibly the best cracker in the world” and many wonder: What is it about this cracker than makes it so good? Perhaps it’s how simple it is. Quely crackers are made with oil, flour, yeast and salt. It’s as simple as that!

This type of first crackers first started being made in 1853 and were known as “pa de barca”. They were perfect for sailors and fishermen in those days who were out for long lengths of time at sea, since they were easy to preserve and highly nutritious.

The Quely factory started production in the middle of the 20th century. Before the Spanish Civil War Jaume Doménech Borrás ordered the necessary production line equipment to start producing the crackers. However, the outbreak of the war put a stop to his project and it wasn’t until it had ended that his children could continue the businessman’s enterprise.

The concepts of tradition and connection have hardly changed. Inca crackers, as Quely crackers are also known, have become a basic good in Mallorcan pantries.

It’s a cracker that can be eaten plain or accompanied by sweet or salty toppings. Quely crackers can form a part of any appetiser in any one of the best luxurious restaurants in Mallorca, or even be turned into sophisticated tapas, offered in a pretty hotel by the sea.

All good Mallorcans keep a place in their suitcase for a bag of Quelis, since away from the Balearic Islands, it’s more difficult to find the crackers.

The company has none other than Rafael Nadal as the brand’s ambassador to the world. Who better than Rafa to spread the word on this incredible product? The fun videos from the marketing campaign with our most internationally known Mallorcan leave it clear that he’s definitely a fan of Quely crackers.

We’re sure that if you haven’t tried them yet, you’ll be inspired to now. And if you are already addicted to Quely crackers, perhaps this post will leave you wanting to bite into another one, or perhaps you’ve just learned something new about your favourite crackers.

Photo; Quely.com