Pa amb oli and gató con helado, two Mallorcan treats


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One of the things that really stands out about Mallorca is the wonderful variety of great cuisine on the island. An endless panorama of Mediterranean flavours that let you experience a genuine Mallorcan culinary experience.

At Embat, our restaurant in Palma, we offer our clients a fantastic variety of Mallorcan dishes made with passion and local ingredients. Among the numerous traditional Mallorcan dishes you’ll be able to find both more elaborate and simpler ones, but if you want to enjoy a simple yet delicious typical dish, you’ve got give pa amb oli a try.

Pa amb oli is one of the quickest and simplest recipes but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. Translated to English as “Bread with oil”, this traditionally Mallorcan dish has bread, oil and tomato as its main ingredients.

To prepare Pa amb oil we only need some slices of Mallorcan payés bread, which can also be toasted. We also need a ramillete tomato, a variety of tomatoes grown in Mallorca that are ideal for rubbing onto the bread. Once the tomato is rubbed onto the bread we add olive oil and finally a pinch of salt.

Once we have the bread ready with the tomato and oil we add the accompanying food we wish. Sausages, cheeses, meats such as pork fillets, tuna and olives are some of the most common ingredients for accompanying this quick and tasty Mallorcan dish that’s ideal for having on a terrace while looking out on Bay of Palma.

After enjoying a pa amb oli the best follow up is finishing your lunch or dinner with a fantastic dessert. Among the large variety of traditional Mallorcan desserts, there’s one that you definitely have to try, gató con helado de almendras (cake with icecream and almonds).

Made with Mallorcan almonds, the cake is served with ice cream and is one of the finest desserts you should try in the region. Mallorcan almonds are quality nuts that stand out from other almonds due to their sweetness, their oil and their fine texture, which makes the dish one worth tasting.

During your special stay in hotel Costa Azul you can’t miss out on trying these two traditional recipes. Choose the date, make a reservation in the Embat bistró bar and enjoy the tastes of Mallorca with great traditionally dishes like these ones.

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