Our runners at Palma Marathon Mallorca 2017


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Palma Marathon Mallorca 2017

It is always a pleasure to know our guest lifes, and today we will like to share with you Roger´s story.

Roger has been staying with us for more than 6 years at the Hotel Costa Azul and he always comes on the same dates to run the Palma Marathon Mallorca that takes place in October. We organize an interview with Roger and Cristine, who accompanies him this year. It's a rainy day and the nerves of the race have already stopped. For Cristine it is the first time she comes to visit us, also the first time she comes to Palma de Mallorca, but Roger on the other hand is already an expert in the city and has been able to show her the most beautiful places in Palma de Mallorca.

Roger has been running Palma Marathon for years and takes the opportunity to stay several days with us and enjoy Mallorca. He likes the Hotel Costa Azul for its location, staff and beautiful views of Palma Bay and we already consider him part of this great Costa Azul family.

Why does he come from so far to run the Palma Marathon Mallorca? Roger runs with a purpose, to raise funds for an hospice in England 'Keech hospice care', this hospice provides palliative care for adults and children with terminal illnesses.

Roger's goal is to finish the Palma Marathon Mallorca, if he does, he receives an economic reward from private companies and all that money raised it is donated to this wonderful hospice in Luton. This race is a challenge for Roger, with a greater reward than we would have ever imagined.

This year Cristine accompanies him on this adventure and tells us that one of the things she likes most about the Hotel Costa Azul it is the magnificent location, very close to the center of Palma. She also tells us how Mallorca has fascinated her, how te city grows with you and takes you down little streets where you can get lost.

Now both are moving to Spain, so we will be closer and they will have no excuse not to come and visit us!

We invite all our readers to visit the Luton Hospice page,www.keech.org.uk

If you want us to tell your story at the Costa Azul Hotel, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@hotelcostaazul.es

We hope to see you soon!