Tips for organizing a business dinner for Christmas


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Christmas is coming, and with it the time to search for charming restaurants in which to celebrate an event as important as a business dinner.

If you want the organization of your business Christmas dinner to be a hit, here are some tips you should take into account when preparing it:

Date and attendees

First of all, if we want as many people as possible to attend, it is important to decide the date and the time when it will take place. This point will have a big influence on determining the number of attendees and, therefore, the place.


Depending on our budget, we will be able to opt for one type of event or another, just as we will have a better idea of which menu to choose and to make sure it meets everyone’s needs. At the Hotel Costa Azul we know how important this point is, which is** why we offer three menus with three different prices, in order to be affordable for all budgets**. Starting from 30€ per person, you will be able to enjoy an exclusive and delicious Christmas dinner.


Deciding the place is one of the main points to take into account from among these tips. The location or the space are some of the possible handicaps you may encounter when looking for a restaurant in Palma. Thanks to the perfect location of the Hotel Costa Azul, its restaurants and event spaces, all on the promenade, it becomes the perfect option for a celebration of this scale.


To make sure there are no confusions on the day of the event and to speed up the service, it’s important to define the menu in advance. At our hotel we have created three special Christmas menus from which you will be able to choose a wide variety of dishes. An assortment of cured ham, little bags of shrimps and fresh cheese, foie gras mi-cuit filled with figs and almonds, turbot fillets or ham sirloin are only some of the dishes you will find in these three special menus, which range in price from 30 to 40€ per person.

These are some of the tips you should take into account if you’re planning on organizing a business dinner this Christmas. If you wish to celebrate your dinner with an unparalleled view of the bay of Palma, you only have to contact us and we will take care of making your event a reality.