The Costa Azul Hotel makes a commitment to keeping fit


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We are beginning a new project that will allow us to dream of going far: the Costa Azul Hotel Running Team.

Those who know the Costa Azul Hotel know of our passion for two things: the Mediterranean Sea and culture, especially poetry. You know that the soul of the Costa Azul Hotel is characterised by these two elements which, we think, combine perfectly. We’re talking about the Sea of Poetry, our living soul, composed of two harmonious elements: firstly, the sea, the child of nature, and secondly poetry and literature, both daughters of man but largely inspired by the natural environment that surrounds us.

We cannot tell a lie, at the Costa Azul Hotel we consider ourselves to be fortunate. Every morning, when we wake up, one of the first things we can do is look at the sea, the Mediterranean. Our Mediterranean Sea. Calm or raging, we don’t mind. We love it just the same. But if we look a little further afield, just a little, the next thing we can admire is Palma de Mallorca Bay, the promenade, the marina and, above all, Mallorca Cathedral, an exceptional witness to everything that happens in this part of the city.

A very active, lively part of the city, by the way. Every day, hundreds of people pass the Costa Azul Hotel on the Palma pedestrian promenade and cycle lane: out for a walk, running, riding bikes, on roller skates, training, having fun, keeping fit... The excitement that drives us to go out day after day, either to have fun, to achieve a sporting target or to improve our physical fitness, is contagious. It is so contagious that some of our hotel staff have been encouraged to do the same, all of them on their own. But we know that strength is in numbers and that’s why we came up with the idea of forming a team. That is how the Costa Azul Hotel Running Team began. Because few things feel better than finishing off a session of healthy physical exercise while we watch the sun set on the horizon, marked on Mallorca by the infinite Mediterranean.

As we consider ourselves to be fortunate, the least we can do is give the city back the gift it has given us. This gift that allows us to dream wide awake. And will later allow us to win. Because without dreams there is no victory. That is why this project, the Costa Azul Hotel Running Team began: so we could all dream together. To support one another. So no one passes out on the way to victory. To confirm that targets are not achieved alone. To find out that effort always gives its reward. To understand that, with continuous effort and tenacity, we can always get there in the end.

Keep a look out for the Costa Azul Hotel Running Team because we’re about to fire the starting pistol. Are you going to join us?