Visit the historic Jardín de Marivent


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A new addition to the diverse cultural and leisure scene Palma has to offer are the beautiful Jardines de Marivent.

The history of the present palace dates back to the 1920s when Ioannes Saridakis, an Egyptian engineer and collector of Greek Origin, began its construction. Saridakis lived in his beloved Mallorca for 40 years and following his death, he donated his house and art collection to the Balearic provincial council. Years later, in 1975, it became the official residence for the royal family.

As of last May 2nd, the main door of the palace has been open every day from 9am until 8pm. During winter, however, its doors will close daily at 4:30pm, and it will close for 15 days during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, as well as for two months during the summer, coinciding with the royal family’s visits to the island, for their security and privacy.

In the gardens, nature and art come hand-in-hand, and between the wild olive trees and the ivy, you´ll find a permanent exhibition of 12 bronze sculptures by Catalan artist, Joan Miró. The works turn this garden into an open-air museum where art, courtesy of Joan Miró´s family, is exhibited. If you’re an art lover, you can also discover Palma through its art galleries or visit the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, located very close to the palace, at 29 Calle Saridakis.

Ready for its opening, the gardens have been equipped with facilities such as specially adapted toilets for people with reduced mobility, and benches, which line the length of the gardens.

Up to 40 different plant species can be identified using the informative posters, enabling you to learn about both Mediterranean and foreign plants. Wandering along the paths you’ll find fruit trees, some aromatic plants like bay and rosemary, or beautiful bougainvillea and celestials. These are just a few of the diverse plant species that you can see in the garden.

When visiting the gardens you should bear in mind that pets are not permitted, so remember to leave them at home. If you come by bike, you should leave it outside the gardens.

The palace is located in Cala Mayor, an area with lots of restaurants in Palma, located just a few kilometres from Hotel Costa Azul, your hotel in Mallorca.