Mr. Pratt´s Blues


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Encouraging our clients to stick with us: The raison d´être of the Costa Azul Hotel´s new project

Sensations, emotions, something to look forward to. This is our daily fare at the new Costa Azul Hotel.

A few years ago we had a vision of the importance of passing on our values of affection, fondness and empathy to our guests, in order to hit on the magic formula for encouraging our clients to stick with us.

It did the trick. Today we are leading the way for other Palma city hotels when it comes to client satisfaction. Not only do our guest numbers show it, but clients like Mr. Pratt are shining examples of unconditional love, passion and loyalty to a destination, a marque: the Costa Azul Hotel.

30 years ago, Chris Pratt first came across the Costa Azul Hotel and it was a before-and-after in his life, since both he and his family have been part of the Hotel’s development and renovation.

Mr. Pratt, out of gratitude to all the Hotel staff who’ve lavished their affection on him throughout those years, has passionately dedicated to us an original Blues, written and performed by he himself in our magnificent suite, 809. A picture-window onto the Mediterranean, in which he defines in a very special way our essence and how our clients feel. Having guests like Mr. Pratt is always the privilege of just a handful of hotels. And we’re fortunate to have clients like him who appreciate the effort we make day in, day out, and tell us so.

We want to share with you this unique and special gesture that makes Mr. Pratt a member of our family. These were his words when he sent us this fantastic Blues: “Dear Gloria and Ulises, We can’t quite believe how specially you treat us. We’re very ordinary people who love the Costa Azul. Thank you so much!!!!!”