Hotel Costa Azul, witnesses to a beautiful love story


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A honeymoon, a lover’s first getaway, a kiss in front of the sea… Many are the love stories that hide behind the curtains of the Hotel Costa Azul, and the memories of so many couples linger in the hotel that we can’t help but feel a part of them.

This is the story of Jessie Anne and Pablo, a couple who met at the Hotel Costa Azul more than 50 years ago and that Jessie Anne decided to share with us.

Because of the love evinced in her every word, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful love stories of which we feel a part and that we simply had to share.

"From an early age, i had a great interest in Spain and so after becoming a school teacher and starting to earn a salary, friends and i went to Barcelona for a holiday. The next year, we went to Palma and stayed in Hotel Astoria. The airport was very basic in those days. – Son Bonet. I remember we stood for what seemed hours in searing heat, waiting to get in. The ground was unpaired and we watched a line of ants passing by on their own business. Though the airport was basic Aviaco or Iberia were great airlines. We were given little packets of cottonwool (por las orejas) and sweets to suck during take-off and landing and meals were included in the faire.

That year we noticed he Hotel Costa Azul and it was in such a wonderful position overlooking the beautiful bay of Palma. The following year, we booked on holiday in the Costa Azul. It was a small hotel and we loved it. The terrace bar had traditional Mallorquin furniture and curtains in the blue and white lengua fabrie. The terrace was tiled in reddish squares and in between small blue + white tiles. There was a water feature and climbing plants. We watched the many lizards having fun running up and down the wall near the water.

Across from the hotel there were small boats which went to either Magalluf or Plma Nova. The seamen blew a concha shell when the boat was ready to leave. Palma Nova was so beautiful. There was nothing there except a straw hut where cold drinks were available. That was the year 1960. The hotel provided breakfast – coffe or chocolate with ensaimadas or pastnes, a lunch and a evening meal. There was an attractive creeper – covered pergola at the far end of the restaurant. The waiters were short white waistcoats at lunch and dinner suits for the evening meal. They were all so courteous and friendly. One of them, unknown to me, would be my future brother-in-law, Paco Palmer.

The following year, we booked up for a 4 week stay in The Costa Azul. That year was to change my life forever. That summer, I met one of the waiters called Pablo Palmer. We went out a few times during that stay and when I returned home we continued to contact each other by letter. I decided that I wanted to go and work in Palma so I managed to obtain a job in a travel agency in av. Antonio Maura. I left Scotland in January 1962 to take up this position. I had lodgings with a Spanish couple and the lady’s mother in calle apuntadores. I had to have a large handbag as the key to the giant door was so huge and heavy. Of course, Pablo and I started seeing each other regularly. The hotel was being modernized so he was not employed but had managed to get a contract to work in The Savoy Hotel, London as he wanted to learn more English.

In May, Pablo left on the ferry to Barcelona and from there by rail through France and thence by boat across the English Channel and then by train to London.

My work in the travel agency was hard with long hours and because Spanish girls were not allowed to do late work (the streets cleared of young women at 9.00 pm ) it fell to the foreigners to do “Palma by Night” excursions and late or early transfers from the airport. I include on a separate sheet a frightening “Palma by Night” excursion experience.

I was employed by the travel agency till the end of October and so I returned to the UK, stopping in London to spend time with Pablo.

After frequent visits from Scotland to London by me and from London to Scotland by Pablo, we got engaged on June 29th 1962. Pablo got a job in the Hawer Inn, South Queensferry (where the bridges are). It was an historic 16th century una famous for its fue dining.

We bought a hose in South Queensferry. It was supposed to be ready for our wedding on Sept. 23d 1944. However, we did not get the keys until Jan. 1965. Two years later our daughter was born and in 1971 our second daughter. We celebrated our Golden Wedding in Sept. 2014 in Hotel Costa Azul. We had been holidaying in the hotel for many of these 50 years.

My husband is the best thing that has ever happened to me and we have enjoyed seeing our two Spanish-looking daughters grow up. They too loved the hotel and enjoyed dressing up for the evening meal. They too loved the hotel and enjoyed dressing up for the evening meal."

Jessie Anne