Chatting with Miki Nadal in the chill-out area of The Embat Bar


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The comedian from Zaragoza has visited Mallorca to take part in Palma Comedy Festival 2013

Miki Nadal has spent a few days in Palma de Mallorca to perform at this year's Comedy Festival held in Mallorca's capital city; he stayed with us at the Costa Azul Hotel, and he said "Yes" to becoming part of The Sea of Humour. So we rolled up our sleeves and sat down with the popular TV comic to discuss several topics related to travel, to Mallorca and – naturally – to humour.

This time, the setting we chose for the new The Sea of Humour interview was the chill-out area of The Embat Coffee Bar & Lounge, which is situated on the ground floor of the Costa Azul Hotel and has exceptional views of Palma's waterfront. Although on the weekend when Miki Nadal was on the island cold and rain put in an appearance, on the morning of our meeting with the comedian there were a few rays of sunshine. And so with those sunbeams peeping shyly through the picture window, and a hearty breakfast on the table, we posed Miki Nadal a variety of questions about life itself.

Amongst other things, the comic from Zaragoza related to us a few anecdotes about his travels as a student; regaled us with some engaging snippets from conversations between comedians; and confided to us that he had liked Mallorca in wintertime too. Although we hadn't doubted for one minute that he would have done! Look at this...

Miki Nadal is the fourth protagonist of the The Sea of Humour section, which we rolled out just over two months ago with the great Pedro Reyes. Through a partnership venture between The Burlesque and Musical Comedy Theatre and the Costa Azul Hotel, some of the best-known currently active celebrities in the Spanish world of comedy have stayed with us. Pedro Reyes was the first, but in his footsteps followed other great names such as Raquel Sastre and Pedro Carbonell, whose interviews you can also view on our blog along with those of Pedro Reyes, the duo Faemino y Cansado and El Gran Wyoming y los Insolventes. And there will be more!