Journey through Ciutat’s art galleries


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Discover Palma through its art galleries

Palma, or “Ciutat” as the locals call it, is just one of those places to discover again and again. Hotel Costa Azul, a carefully designed hotel with balconies overlooking the sea, is located just outside the old town, you only need to make your way through the charming Park of Feixina and you’re in the centre, ready to discover this fascinating city. We suggest a must-do route if you want to discover the most important galleries in Palma:


An independent project that brings together a number of artists and that often adds musical acts and poetry to its exhibitions. A cultural benchmark in Mallorca.

Galería Maior

The gallery’s exhibitions always prove surprising, from installations by Eulàlia Valldosera, to the colourful compositions by José Manuel Broto. Without a doubt a place that’s full of energy.

Gerhardt Braun

The gallery lies within in a truly wondrous renaissance palace. Furthermore, its collection is one of ones we know best. It hold pieces by artists such as sculptor Josep Mª Sirvent, Hristina Milanova and Bruno Bisang.

Gabriel Vanrell

In its halls artists as well-known as Miquel Barceló have had their work on display. It’s also a space catering to collectors that offers useful advice to anyone looking to get started in this world.

La Galería Jaime III

More than forty years devoted to exhibiting the best 19th and 20th century figurative art. The popular watercoulour prints from Balearic artist Coll Bardolet or seascapes and landscapes of the mysterious Kramen are among its treasures.

Horrach Moyà

Pictorial and photographic works, sculptures and contemporary artist exhibitions as intriguing as those of Joana Vasconcelos, Afghan Lida Abdul and the Austrian-Israeli duo Muntean&Rosenblum.

Gallery New Surrealism Collective

Houses a surprising collection of surrealistic paintings with pieces by a half dozen artists from all over. A place worth visiting for enthusiasts of this artistic movement.

There’s a lot more to see, but in Palma you need to take things slowly. Now it’s time to relax in the Mallorcan night, or even get back to the comfort of our hotel in Mallorca, the perfect base of operations for our cultural excursions around the island.