Hotel Costa Azul: reborn at age 60


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One of the flagship hotels in Palma de Mallorca is reinvented.

Since 1953 the building of the Hotel Costa Azul has been part of the first line of the Paseo Maritimo in Palma de Mallorca. First was a small building, with few rooms to later become one of the most prestigious hotels in the city.

After partial reforms in 1972 and 1987, the family owners, Maria Antonia Gili, Gloria Luna and Juan Luna, decided to go for a full makeover, invest in an much discussed idea but not always developed in depth: creating a hotel with a differentiated urban and cultural offering . The result is a hotel with soul.

The first surprise is what meets the eye: the sea and poetry are present in each of the corners. Winds name the rooms and restaurants, and the waves and fish follow guests getting to the rooms.

The second is a hotel where literature emerges. Walking through the halls to the rooms you can read the first three words of the verse or small prose extract that can be read in the form of artwork in each of the rooms. Each room, with its verse and illustration are different.

Each floor has a theme that unites the rooms:
- (Floor 1) The sea of writers (male authors)
- (Floor 2) The sea of writers (female authors)
- (Floor 3) The Mediterranean Sea (authors of the Mediterranean)
- (Floor 4) The sea of Haikus (poetic constructions of Japanese culture, in this case dedicated to the sea)
- (Floor 5) The Adventures Sea (the sea in the fantasy and adventure)
- (Floor 6) The sea of music (popular lyrics)
- (Floor 7) The poems Sea
- (Ground Floor) The contemporary sea

It's no just a cosmetic reform. It is a conceptual reform. The Hotel Costa Azul is a sea of ​​poetry.

The hotel's common areas (restaurant and bar) are open to the residents of Palma and are accessed without going through reception. There are meeting rooms and convention venues and the facilities have been fitted with a spa on the terrace near the pool from which there is a sea view, and is concerts and activities will be scheduled that will allow everyone to enjoy the tranquility and beauty that the Hotel Costa Azul shows.