Hidden beaches in Mallorca


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Some of the best unspoilt beaches in Mallorca

In Mallorca there are a lot of beaches that haven’t been taken over by tourism. The advantage of being an island is having more than two hundred beaches to choose from, on the website platjes de balears you can find a description of them and how to get there.

Before choosing which beach to visit, check in which direction the wind is blowing and choose the beach accordingly. This way, if the wind is from the north we’ll head to the south, if it’s from east, we head to the west and so on. The water is going to be cleaner and clearer since the waves won’t have stirred it up.

The Embat isn’t only the name of our hotel’s restaurant with sea views in Palma de Mallorca. The Embat is a typical wind on the islands, due to the difference in temperature between the sea and land, it blows from the sea towards the land starting at midday, cooling the air during the hottest months.

These are four fantastic hidden beaches in Mallorca, ready to be discovered:

ES CALÓ DES MONJO A little rocky cove belonging to the municipality of Calviá, at 3 km from Peguera. You need to keep in mind you need to walk about 1km to get to it, but the experience is worth it.

PLAYA NA CLARA The cove featured in the photo, it’s close to the charming little town of Betlem. Remember our advice about finding out about the wind, since the waves can even make this pretty beach on the northern part of the island disappear.

CALA MITJANA Also known as s’Aduaia. You can get to it from the road that goes from Artá to Capdepera. Keep in mind there’s another beach called Cala Mitjana in Felanitx, don’t confuse them!

CALA TUENT It can take 2 hours to get there from Hotel Costa Azul, because of the winding yet breathtaking road that leads to this wonderful cove.

Remember if you choose to go in the early morning or late evening, you’re experience in Mallorca’s untouched coves will be quite different.