Es Rafalet olive oil, Mediterranean tradition and culture


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Come and discover the secrets of true Mediterranean flavor

Es Rafalet olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil with designation of origin made from arbequina olives and produced at the Es Rafalet estate, a property that belongs to the family of the Hotel Costa Azul. It is a highly appreciated oil, even among the most demanding palates, and its limited yearly production makes it a jewel that decorates any table it lands on.

We want to dedicate this post to telling you a bit more about its history, its production process and how we make an effort year after year to keep producing one of the best oils in Mallorca.

Tradition and history

The Es Rafalet estate receives its name from the old watchtower that belongs to the house’s main structure, the name of which in Arabic was “rafal”. The estate has belonged to the family since 1850, and back then it already counted with an old stone oil mill in which they produced oil.

A traditional production process

This oil tradition, passed down over many generations, has reached our day and age and allows us to produce an oil of the finest quality.

Furthermore, the olive trees are taken care of following the basics of biodynamic agriculture, a type of ecologic agriculture that doesn’t use any type of toxic chemical products and that understands the estate as a single living system in which all parts are essential, thus respecting the rhythms of the earth and the trees.

The hand-picked olives reach the mill in small batches to ensure their maximum quality and freshness. A process that pursues the main objective of keeping the essence of the best Mallorcan oil intact, as well as that of Mediterranean agricultural tradition and gastronomy.

The chef’s secret

Our chef Jaime Ferrà, who won the bronze Tapalma in its latest edition, in October 2015, has worked with Es Rafalet oil for many years. Jaime knows its taste perfectly: balanced, slightly fruity, with a touch of bitterness and some spicy undertones. This is how he knows how to give a surprising last touch to many of his creations.

The hosts of our hotel and the clients of our restaurants in the Paseo Maritimo of Palma can taste this highly regarded oil at all our tables.

Come and you will also discover the secrets of true Mediterranean flavor.