An interview and breakfast with multi-faceted Pablo Carbonell


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The comedian has been in Mallorca to take part in Palma Comedy Festival and has stayed at the Costa Azul Hotel

This weekend the Costa Azul Hotel gained another celebrity for The sea of humour –in the person of Spanish musician, writer, director, actor, presenter, reporter, comedian (and there must be more) Pablo Carbonell.

We breakfasted with him in the Costa Azul Hotel's Xaloc Restaurant and, with Palma de Mallorca's Seafront in full view, we enjoyed a relaxed, scintillating and humorous conversation, full of anecdotes, experiences and stories. It sounds as if we're describing the opening paragraphs of an adventure novel; but that's because with Pablo Carbonell one can talk about anything, and one will always learn something new – especially to see (and live) life from another angle.

Pablo Carbonell is a quiet person who's delightful to be with, but there's no mistaking his rebellious streak. He interspersed his answers to our questions with talk about music and books, and told us about many of the experiences he's shared with Los toreros muertos (The dead bullfighters), his band that formed in the 80's and is still active.

We asked him how he found being a guest at a "hotel in verse". Or, to put the question another way, what he thought of The sea of poetry – the soul of the Costa Azul Hotel. We also asked him whether he goes through a ritual of kinds when he checks into a hotel; what was the coolest thing that had happened to him in Mallorca; and whether he thought "comedy tourism" might take off in Spain. When the interview concluded, a bottle of sparkling wine was ordered for him to enjoy while taking in the views of Palma Bay from his room. You do know how to do things in style, Pablo Carbonell!

Pablo Carbonell visited Mallorca to take part in Palma Comedy Festival, organized by Musicomedy. This festival brings to the capital of the Balearic Islands some of the best humourists and comedians in Spain. Here you can view the full programme of the Festival, which will be extended until 7 December 2013.