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Best Mallorcan ensaimada

The ensaimada, is a gastronomic specialty of Mallorca that has become part of the Mallorcan culture.

There is a great variety of ensaimadas, large, small, to share, individual ... and they are served filled with cream, chocolate angel hair or sobrasada although it can also be without filling.

It is a sweet that is especially requested for breakfast, snack or after eating.

If you do not know what to take away from this beautiful island, an ensaimada is a sure bet!

Then we recommend several sites where you can try this Mallorcan delicacy.

Horno de Santo Cristo

Bakery and pastry of the year 1910 , currently retains the roots, recipes and traditional methods.

El Horno de Santo Cristo is located 1.6km from Hotel Costa Azul, ideal to go for a walk and enjoy a good ensaimada.

Forn Fondo

Located 1.7 km from Hotel Costa Azul , it is also perfect to go for a walk in Palma and Go through this Forn that is decorated with a very modernist style. It is a family business where the essence of the traditional has not been lost in all these years.

If for some reason you do not have time to visit and want to take a piece of Mallorca in the form of ensaimada, do not hesitate to ask at our reception, as we order ensaimadas for our customers with prior notice.

Can Joan de s'Aigo

Can Joan de s'Aigo is undoubtedly the place par excellence where you can enjoy a good ensaimada or a good chocolate in one of the oldest places in the city.

It still retains the charm of 1700, the year in which it was founded and simply entering the door transports you to that time. The place keeps all the typical decoration of that time what makes this place a magical place full of stories and life.

Not only the ensaimadas will make you want to stay and live in Mallorca forever, but they also have homemade ice cream that will make you lose your sense.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us