The Llaut : Naval Heritage from the Balearic Islands


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The Llaut

Surely many of you staying at the Hotel Costa Azul do not know what a Llaut is, right?

Mediterranean people have always felt a connection with the sea. The passion they felt transformed into art. An art that today is preserved as an authentic treasure in the history of Mallorcan culture, the Llaut.

If you are staying at the Hotel Costa Azul enjoying a holiday, just look out the window or climb to our wonderful Tramuntana Terrace, located on the third floor, to enjoy the wonderful views of the Cathedral and the Bay of Palma where they will be able to see the beautiful ships moored in the port, among them the Llaut.

The Hotel Costa Azul is characterized by a fusion of sea and literature, and for a Mallorquin to sail with a Llaut is very much like a beautiful poetry, where time stands still and relaxation invades you making you ask the stress of the life on earth. We at the Hotel Costa Azul want to make the guest feel that wehen he enters in the Hotel he can be relaxed, enjoying every moment and living our spirit Costa Azul. For this we also have a wellness area for relaxation and sauna for those who want and to relax watching the sunset on our Tramuntana terrace while enjoying our special Costa Azul cocktail.

If you are looking for sailing the Mediterranean waters as it was years ago and enjoy an unforgettable experience you cannot miss sailing in a Llaut.

And of course once you return we will be waiting in the Hotel Costa Azul so that you can share with us your experience and you can enjoy a relaxed bath in our Tramuntana Pool.