Experience Easter Week 2014 at the Costa Azul Hotel


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Easter Week in Mallorca means, basically, three things: processions, panades and holidays

Holy Week is one of the highlights of the Christian religious calendar, and one that is celebrated in so many places around the world. It commemorates Christ's Passion, Death and Resurrection. It's one of the most enthusiastically followed Christian traditions both in Palma and in Mallorca as a whole. This festival is so much a part of our city's culture that nowadays it spills over from the religious sphere into the secular.

Ask any Palma resident what Easter Week means for them, and the top answers are bound to be: processions, panades and holidays. At the Costa Azul Hotel we can help you with all three. At our hotel in Mallorca you'll find traditional Mallorcan Eastertide fare on the menu. It will include panades, cocarrois and crespells, the sweet biscuits baked for Easter. We'll also be preparing meatless recipes to eat on Good Friday.

The Easter Week celebrations in Palma begin on Divendres de Dolors, which is the Friday preceding Palm Sunday. The celebrations will be held from 11th to 21st April, and each day there will be processions in the city. The confraternities of Palma process through the city with their standards and images of Christ, the Virgin and the saints. They fill the city with an atmosphere of spirituality and symbolism with their floats.

The procession that attracts the biggest following is that of Sant Crist de la Sang (Holy Christ of the Blood), which has a long tradition. There are documents confirming that this procession was celebrated on the island as early as 1554, and that its own confraternity accompanied it. The procession of Sant Crist de la Sang starts out on Maundy Thursday from the General Hospital (Hospital de la Sang), and finishes up at Mallorca Cathedral. All the Palma confraternities, numbering over 30, take part in it.

The Costa Azul Hotel is one of the hotels in Palma which recommend that you experience at first hand these Easter Week celebrations in our city, both in and out of our hotel. The spectacular floats and the confraternities' devotedness imbue this celebration with a soul-stirring feeling that's worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. And the fine foods prepared for this occasion are the "cherry on the top of the cake".