The most curious traditions in the world for greeting the new year


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Just like every year, we are now preparing to say our last goodbye to this last year. While it’s true that most countries celebrate New Year’s Eve with a family dinner, celebrating the countdown, and with abundant fireworks, in other parts of the world the traditions for greeting the New Year can be very curious and extravagant. Today we want to tell you about some of the most colorful ones:

Reading the future in… lead (Germany)

Germans celebrate on this night a tradition called Bleigießen, which literally translates as “lead dress.” It consists in pouring molten lead in cold water and interpreting what the New Year will be like based on the shapes that the metal adopts as it solidifies. You can also rub ashes into your forehead for good luck, or eat pig-shaped marzipans.

Throw the house out the window (Italy)

Do you know what Italians do on New Year’s Eve? They throw the furniture they don’t want out the window! It’s a slightly peculiar method for making room, but definitely efficient. However, nowadays for security reasons they just symbolically throw small objects.

Throw your dinnerware on the floor! (Denmark)

The most traditional way of ending the year in Denmark is gathering all your old dinnerware and breaking it in front of the doors of your friends and neighbors. As a sign of good luck, not vandalism, of course. They say that the more broken plates appear in front of your door, the luckier you’ll be during the new year.

Have a cool bath (Holland)

In Holland, taking a dip in the sea is the most popular option for greeting the New Year. Now this is what you call the first swim of the year! Afterwards, to warm up, they enjoy a nice mug of hot chocolate and a delicious pea soup.

And in Spain, we go for the grapes

Among all the Christmas activities in Mallorca that await travellers who spend this Christmas in Mallorca, one of the most curious is the New Year’s celebration. Every year, on December 31, millions of Spaniards eat 12 grapes, one for every 12 times the bells toll at midnight. And, of course, after our new year gala dinner, our hotel in Mallorca won’t miss out on this tradition!