Cafés in Palma in which to enjoy a delicious coffee


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Coffee: a great pleasure for the palate without which many cannot live.

Palma, with the atmosphere that fills its streets and the culture they’re brimming with, is the kind of place in which one feels like relishing a cup of coffee in one of the city’s many coffee shops. Among the many iconic cafés you can find in Palma, below is a list of some you simply cannot miss.

Can Joan de Saigo Considered a local legend, Can Joan de Saigo was founded in the early 18th century and, although it kicked off as a delicious fruity ice cream shop, it slowly become one of the most emblematic coffee and chocolate shops in the city.

La Molienda Coffee & Brunch

For those bon vivants who know what’s good and like to enjoy their coffee in the right atmosphere, La Molienda is bound to be a hit. Located on Obispo Campins Street, it offers a wide selection of coffees as well as delicious breakfasts.

Bar Cristal

Located right on Palma’s Plaza España, this is a gathering place for countless locals. Its great history, which spans more than half a century, makes this café in the center of Palma the perfect place in which to take a break and recover energy before continuing to explore the city.

Rosevelvet Bakery

After taking a look at a classic, it’s time to appreciate a new coffee shop for those of you who love sweets as much as you do coffee. Right in the heart of Palma, specifically on Missió Street, we find this little bakery where not only the coffee will surprise your taste buds, but also its delicious homemade cakes, such as its red velvet cake or its carrot cake, all of which are bound to thrill and sweeten your senses.


Though if you wish to** enjoy a delicious coffee while contemplating a magnificent view of the port of Palma**, then the Coffee Bar & Lounge Embat of our hotel Costa Azul is the perfect choice. With three differentiated atmospheres and an extraordinary surrounding, at Embat you will be able to sip a wonderful coffee both if you are a guest at our hotel in Palma and if you are merely passing by to visit.

Coffee lovers, these are some of the coffee shops in Palma you simply have to visit while exploring the island. Do you know any of them? Don’t forget, coffee always tastes better in good company.