Boutique hotel with new services


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Comfort, comprehensive service, sustainability and accessibility protagonists of reform.

At the core of the reform carried out between 2011 and 2013, is the idea of long-term investment, integration of all elements from the inside out, from concept to design: the creativity that is seen is not simply the mirror of creativity not seen.

Therefore, the radical change from before to now comes with a structural reform that is now an example of application of the rules of sustainability and energy saving in hotels and an exercise of integration for the disabled.

Among the improvements, multifunctional meeting rooms, changes in the concept of the restaurant and bar, and a spa area that is not inferior to any urban spa Palma de Mallorca with jacuzzi, relaxing jet pool, showers, sauna, solarium with views of the bay, wellness area, specialized treatments ...

But it's in infrastructures where innovation applies to sustainability: acoustic and thermal insulation, adaptation of the building to house solar panels ...

The Hotel Costa Azul is, in short, a modern establishment that has put a special effort to apply a sustainable approach to each of its elements.