Almond blossoms on the Tramuntana Mountain Range


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In winter, the Tramuntana Mountain Range dresses up in pink and white flowers; these are the natural garments of Mallorca when almond trees blossom.

Strolling through villages of the mountain range such as Valldemossa or Deia becomes a true spectacle during the month of February, for this month the almond trees present the island with one of its best images: its flowers.

For many, Mallorca’s most attractive charms are its beaches and weather, on which we have to agree, but there is no doubt that Mallorca is much more than summer and good weather, and that it has many other charms such as, for instance, this work of art of nature.

Come January, and depending on the variety of almond, the almond trees start to fill their crowns with white or rosy flowers, and as if a blanket of snow had fallen from the sky, the fields are soon covered with these iconic blossoms of the island. This event lasts until the beginning of spring.

This wonderful spectacle doesn’t only attract Mallorcans but also many tourists and even professional photographers who travel to Mallorca to enjoy one of the most spectacular sceneries of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, it is the perfect moment for packing your bags, reserving a romantic hotel and enjoying a passionate and romantic weekend break.

The Mediterranean weather that Mallorca can proudly boast of combined with the dry-land farming system bestow the Mallorcan almonds with unique characteristics. This almond is known for its sweet flavor and for containing a large amount of proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates - a unique product that is sought after all over the world.

Many are the products that are made in Mallorca with this rich ingredient, from ice creams and marzipans to the delicious "gató helado" that we mentioned in previous posts and that you have to try during your visit to the island.

From the Hotel Costa Azul we provide you with one of the best hotel offers in Palma for you to visit the island at this time of year when the almond blossoms take the center stage on the Tramuntana Mountain Range.