When it comes to beautiful landscapes, nothing beats Mallorca's almond blossom


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Come to our boutique hotel in Palma and witness the advent of spring

Mallorca is famous throughout the world for having some of the planet's most beautiful beaches. But at this time of year we recommend that you tear your attention away from the coast, just for a few days, and turn inland, where you will discover a different type of “sea”. An ephemeral sea of white and pink flowers floods the island.

We are referring to the almond blossom. In late January and during February, the Mallorcan countryside undergoes a transformation with more than 4 million almond trees bursting into flower and creating a natural spectacle that beguiles thousands of visitors every year.

These deciduous trees, which remain completely bare during the winter season, bloom before their first leaves appear. The contrast of the branches against the blue sky is so stunning that has been recorded in millions of photographs, pictures that invariably enchant those who see them.

Do you know why there are white and pink flowers?. The white-flowering trees produce sweet almonds, while almonds coming from pink flowers have a bitter taste. You’ll find the two varieties of trees together in the same fields. Both types of almonds are employed in a variety of ways, including culinary, cosmetic and aromatic uses.

The local almonds are of course well represented in Mallorcan cuisine. They are used as the basis of many traditional dishes, and as the main element of desserts such as gató, a traditional Mallorcan cake, or ice cream.

There are numerous places where you can feast your eyes on this beautiful scene, but the main viewing areas are in the northern, central and western parts of the island. Towns like Bunyola, Santa Maria, Sencelles, Selva, Manacor, Llucmajor and Son Servera are perfect for blossom hunting. Our reception team at the Costa Azul Hotel will be happy to help you with advice on the best places to enjoy this stunning phenomenon.

Like the cherry blossom in Japan, the flowering of the almond trees in Mallorca attracts more admirers every year, locals and visitors alike. We therefore encourage you to make your booking at our luxury hotel in Mallorca as soon as possible, so you don’t miss this special event that heralds the coming of spring.