Urban spa in Palma de Mallorca


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Gym, solarium, swimming pool and spa area: everything a urban spa needs, with sea views!

In the Costa Azul Hotel we have built the necessary infrastructure for a welcoming and motivating gym, a great swimming pool that can be used throughout the year and a spa area specially designed for our guests and with all the necessary equipment for you to enjoy a urban spa in Palma de Mallorca.

During the refurbishing we have focused on the personal attention, which we consider indispensable for our guests and friends to feel like at home and carry on with their sport training even during their trips. Although we are located in a perfect area for running by the seafront promenade, we also have treadmills and elliptic bicycles specially designed for those who are used to train with machines, apart from different fitness and weight training machines to tone up the muscles, keep fit and reduce stress. In short, the gym has the best quality and last generation equipment you can imagine, apart from sea views as an incentive.

Moving to the wellness area, we have inaugurated the swimming pool, we have enlarged the solarium and we have designed chromotherapy showers. All these facilities give shape to an ideal setting to get away from it all, recover from stress after a long work day, relax and enjoy. This swimming pool will be open throughout the year, as it will be covered with a large glass window that will allow swimmers to contemplate the Palma bay even in winter.

Finally, we move to the area you will enjoy the most, no matter you are a sportsperson or not: the urban spa. All of us need to pamper ourselves: jacuzzi, swimming pool with relaxing water jets, chromotherapy showers, massage rooms, personalised treatments by big professionals... With all these services, we do not need to convince anybody to visit the hotel, but in case you still have any reservations, we recommend you visit the bar area, where you will be able to finish your wellness day with the drink you prefer, lying on a deck chair and contemplating the sea views. Indulge and pamper yourself!