The Costa Azul Hotel’s take on the TUI Marathon: this is how we lived it with you


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Thank you all for choosing us as your accommodation in Mallorca for joining in this exciting event. See you again in 2015!

Two weeks ago, once again Palma held one of the Balearic Islands’ red-letter sporting events, the TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca. An annual event where runners from all around the globe meet together, and where they test their fitness and stamina.

Today we want to share with you all how we lived this experience from our hotel in Palma. It was our own “marathon” –our big challenge– because events like this bring out our most professional side.

From early morning, at breakfast time, we could sense the keyed-up feelings and the excitement in the air. Just before the start, the runners all met at reception, fully kitted out and with their numbers on, asking about the weather or focusing on what lay ahead. Meanwhile, all the hotel staff were scurrying about in a last-minute burst of energy to get everything ready for the race.

You shared with us your promises, goals, challenges, thrills and, most important of all, you let us be your team-mates. As such, we took some photos of us all together in the Costa Azul Hotel’s running team t-shirts. It was a team we all belonged to, you and us staff members who ran the race with you.

Back at the hotel, after the race was over, we met up in our Embat Bar, overlooking Palma’s Marina. We were rewarded by your bubbly enthusiasm as you told us how the race went, and your happy smiles of success.

By the way, we must thank you for making us feel so special: nearly all the t-shirts we designed for the occasion got snapped up! From the rooms of our hotel with sea views, we were able to count a lot of orange t-shirts, and… we couldn’t have felt more proud of you all!

Truth to tell, those were really busy days. A lot of work went into making sure everything went well; but our efforts were amply rewarded by the glow of satisfaction on your faces. So, we can already tell you this now... we want to re-run this event next year, and the one after, and all the years after that! We’re counting on you to return!