Easter in the heart of Mallorca


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Every country has certain traditions that make it stand out from the rest, and Spain is no exception. Easter is celebrated in a unique and special way, and if you have the chance to travel to different parts of the country you will see that in each locatio

Last year we already told you a bit about traditional gastronomy and some of the most famous processions.

It’s interesting to see the island transform and fill with a unique and special atmosphere. What makes this experience unforgettable is the combination of the old city with the music of the cofrades bands that fill the marching processions with riveting strength and energy. You have to see it with your own eyes to understand why this tradition has lasted so many years.

If you are going to stay at our Hotel Costa Azul and it’s the first time you’re visiting Mallorca, we recommend without a shadow of a doubt that you go experience the Easter processions live. The heart of Palma is a mere 20-minute walk away, and there you will be able to relish the special sensation one can only experience here. One peculiarity of this event is that it begins on the first full moon of spring. Interesting, right? If you want to know the exact dates of this year’s processions to not miss out, click here .

But on the other hand, if the processions aren’t your cup of tea, you can always join a tasting of the most typical foods of this time of year. One Mallorcan tradition is to prepare crespells, panades, robiols, cocarrois, etc. But if you don’t have the recipe - don’t worry! At our hotel’s restaurant we have a wide variety of these dishes for you to enjoy.

The amount of history we find in every corner of this wonderful place is truly impressive. It’s definitely something that’s well worth adding to your bucket list to participate in the centuries-old traditions that are deeply rooted in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

If we’re feeling exhausted after walking through processions for so long, what better place in which to relax than at our luxury hotel, where we can enjoy a drink on the terrace with our friends alongside some magnificent views of the bay of Palma. Without a doubt, the perfect plan for this Easter.

Photo by: Daily-norm.com