Palmatrip at the Costa Azul Hotel


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The Costa Azul Hotel was the official hotel for the blogtrip organized to promote the city of Palma de Mallorca

Do you live in Palma? Have you ever visited it? If you can answer 'Yes' to either question, you'll agree with us that Palma de Mallorca is one of the best cities in the Mediterranean for many things: for living in, for having fun, for relaxing, for shopping, for learning. In Palma we have a beach, of course. But there are also mountains, museums, art galleries, cultural centres, bars, cafés and restaurants in Palma; the best fashion outlets; and, above all, things to do every day of the year.

But if your answer to both those questions is 'No', possibly you don't yet know that our city is a city full of little nooks and crannies replete with history and charm, with an enviable climate for most of the year and with an untiring cultural and leisure agenda. A city where you can live 365 days a year (366 if it's a leap year!). And it's not (just) us saying all that. You'll hear it too from the indefatigable travellers who came to check out the city at the invitation of the Palma de Mallorca 365 Tourism Foundation.

In recent days Palma de Mallorca received its first visit from blogtrippers (roving bloggers) organized exclusively to make the city better-known: Palmatrip. For three days they went around Palma, meeting its people, visiting its museums, shopping in its outlets, dining in its restaurants, soaking up its traditions and — distilling the essence of all this — blogging about their personal experiences.

There are many hotels in Palma de Mallorca, charming hotels; but it was the Costa Azul Hotel that had the pleasure of being the Palmatrippers' hotel in Mallorca. In recent days we've had staying with us the authors of the blogs Ahora toca viajar (Time to Travel), Un mundo para 3 (A World for 3), Los viajes de Ali (Ali's Travels), El Txoko de Lonifasiko (Lonifasiko's Txoko), Machbel, Viaje al atardecer (Travel at Sundown), Quaderns de Bitàcola (Traveller's Journal) and FotoEscapada (PhotoBreak), who travelled from various parts of Spain to sample the city during the celebrations around its patron saint's day, Sant Sebastià 2014.

All the signs are that they had a fabulous time. Judging by their recently-posted photos and comments on social networks, particularly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it's pretty clear to us that they did. And the personal travel notes in their blogs will confirm it.

Because of all this, we can say we're fairly sure they'll be staying in Palma again. And we hope that, when they do, they'll stay with us again too.