July 20th, the great presentation party


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July 18th, press conference in this hotel in the Paseo Marítimo of Palma de Mallorca

After two years of upgrades and all details polished, it's time to present the Hotel Costa Azul, a sea of poetry, as one of the hotels of the promenade in Palma which has a quality service and a differentiated offering.

The press event will take place on July 18, where the owners will explain and show the media the work and how they developed and implemented the concept.   It will be on July 20, starting at 20:00 pm when friends, political representatives, suppliers and customers can experience first hand what is going to feel as a guest of this hotel spa in Palma de Mallorca. There will be representations of different visual arts in different areas of the hotel: Trap Teatre will represent one of their improvised micro-theater pieces; Dream on will play an acoustic concert in one of the rooms, and Jaime Ruspell will create a musical piece that will serve as the basis for a dance performance by Bel Riera.

From that moment, not only customers will know what and how to live in the hotel, but all citizens of Palma de Mallorca will know in detail the reform and changes made in it.