Javier Jover visits Hotel Costa Azul


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We show the poet Javier Jover his rooms

We've just received a very special visitor at the Hotel Costa Azul. The poet Javier Jover, one of the authors whom we included in The sea of poetry project, came to our hotel to see his rooms in person. And we were delighted to show them to him.

We accompanied Mr. Jover to the three rooms whose walls bear his poems, situated on the 8th floor of the Hotel Costa Azul. The theme for this floor is The contemporary sea, and it's entirely given over to the best literature of our day. In these three rooms, Javier Jover's, The sea of poetry blends beautifully with picture postcard views of Palma Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca Bay and the Seafront.

Through the complete facelift that we've given the Hotel Costa Azul over the last two years, and that we inaugurated this summer, the hotel has acquired a personality of its own – close to culture, literature, poetry and music, on the one hand, and the Mediterranean Sea, on the other. Two passions that we share and that have led us to work closely with the most accomplished writers of all time.

Javier Jover is a poet and editor (working with the publishing house Ediciones Calima). Since 1984 he has been writing for the cultural supplement of the “Diario de Mallorca” newspaper as a literary and music critic. He has published, among other works, the books of poems La luz que nunca yerra (The Unerring Light) (1992), El íntimo asedio (Claustrophobic Harassment) (1994), Domicilio (Home Quarters) (1999), Urano en la casa doce (Uranus in the Twelfth House) (1996), and Moratoria (2003). He is also an author of introductory and poetic writings for catalogues of various plastic arts, and has planned and organized many book presentations and literary and cultural get- togethers for Spanish, French, Belgian, Dutch, German etc. authors, in various centres throughout Spain.