Discovering Valldemossa


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If you are staying at our Hotel Costa Azul, we will always recommend you the best of the island, so even though people believe that Mallorca is just beaches, Mallorca is much more and we do not want you to miss anything!

After a good breakfast show cooking at the Hotel Costa Azul, you are ready to stroll through the corners of Valldemossa.

Valldemossa is located 20 km from the Hotel Costa Azul and is one of the most recommended places to visit in Mallorca. A place with a special charm, narrow streets, monuments and love stories, where its rich past remains in houses and buildings such as the church of Sant Bartomeu or La Cartuja , probably the most emblematic building of the city. Once there you will lose yourself between its streets until you probably reach the Royal Carthusian de Valldemossa where one of the great stories of love and passion was experienced between the Polish composer Chopin and the French writer Sand, who lived in the Cartuja for a few years, and Valldemossa It was a great inspiration to them.

After visiting its corners we invite you to try the famous coca de patatas, typical of Valldemossa, and one of the best places for it is Ca'n Molinas which has a cozy backyard where you can enjoy the potato coca and a chocolate Cup. Let yourself be enveloped by its traditions and its nature and when you are back, remember that the Hotel Costa Azul pool awaits for you to refresh yourself and relax with beautiful views of the bay.