A mirthful breakfast at the Hotel Costa Azul


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Comedian Pedro Reyes discovers what it's like to sleep tucked up in the Sea of poetry. Do you think he liked it?

Entertainer Pedro Reyes was in Mallorca a few days ago as the guest of the Burlesque Theatre. Following a great performance amidst peals of laughter that never let up, the comedian took his after-show party to the Hotel Costa Azul. He slept amidst The Sea of Poetry and enjoyed a peaceful stay in Palma de Mallorca. The next morning, we were breakfasting with him in Embat Coffee Bar & Lounge, the Hotel Costa Azul's cocktail bar with terrace right on Palma's Seafront.

Pedro Reyes isn't just a comedian. Although he's a professional laughter-maker, this isn't his only gift. We call it a gift because we've found it out at first hand: holding a serious conversation with Pedro Reyes is impossible. Which isn't to say that with Pedro Reyes it's impossible to talk about serious things. Nothing could be further from the truth. And, to show you what we mean, here's this button.

While we breakfasted, we conversed with him about the roles of poetry, satire and humour in our society. And in the course of the conversation, he unveiled to us his "plan for world domination" and said that he would to study the poetry of Juan Ramón Jiménez. All this together, mixed but not shaken, gives us a few clues to the personality of this great comedian, a crazy-sane guy who picks tomatoes in his garden and drives an electric car.

But we're not going to reveal any more to you about our meeting with him. To find out what Pedro Reyes thought about sleeping surrounded by The Sea of Poetry, what three things he thinks a hotel can never be without and how he likes breakfasts, click on Play.

We hope you like it!