Conversations with Raquel Sastre in the Tramuntana Lounge Bar


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The Costa Azul Hotel's swimming pool overlooking Palma Bay was in the audience when we spent a morning of fun with the comedian

Comedian Raquel Sastre was in Mallorca a few days ago to make us laugh, at the invitation of Palma's Burlesque Theatre. Following her performance she stayed at the Costa Azul Hotel, where she was able to catch up on her sleep before leaving the island, confessing to us that she'd be coming back to lose herself on the island for a few days and get to know it better. On the morning following her performance we breakfasted with her so that she could share with us her impressions of the hotel, Mallorca and the relationship between poetry and comedy.

A spell of warm late-October sunshine tempted us out onto the terrace overlooking Palma's Seafront and we stretched ourselves out on the sunbeds next to the pool; meanwhile, the TUI Marathon was being run down below us. And so it was that we sat down to breakfast with Raquel Sastre in the Tramuntana Lounge Bar, the Costa Azul Hotel's pool bar.

Amidst breathtaking views of Palma de Mallorca Bay and of the Cathedral, Raquel Sastre was telling us what it had been like for her to sleep amidst The sea of Poetry; what she thought a hotel bedroom absolutely must have; and how keen she is to get to know all of Mallorca's special places (and there are so many of them!). She also shared with us her idea for promoting our hotel, which many of you are bound to like. From our side at the Costa Azul Hotel, we made a note of the suggestion and we assured Raquel Sastre that, if we go ahead with it, we'll enlist her help.

We leave you with the video of the interview. We hope you like it!