50 years of love at the Costa Azul Hotel, a hotel that invites you to dream


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We’re going to describe to you the special link between the Costa Azul Hotel and Mr. and Mrs. Price.

It’s always a pleasure to get to know our guests’ lives. In this case, we’re going to describe to you the link between the Costa Azul Hotel and Mr. and Mrs. Price.

In 1963, the delightful Prices met on a summer’s evening, at a party in London. That very night they fell in love, and two years later, on April 13th 1965 they tied the knot.

They knew they wanted to honeymoon in Palma de Mallorca, but there weren’t a lot of resources for finding out about all the hotels on the island. So, they went to the classic travel agent Horizon Tours, who told them about the city’s most striking and charismatic hotel, the Costa Azul Hotel, which had made a name for itself as the Hotel which accommodated the largest number of honeymooning couples.

One very curious detail is that their budget was £12 per person per week, full board. Of course, times were different then!

50 years on, we’ve been “in on the act” of this marvellous love story, because they returned to our place for their second honeymoon.

The “before and after” at the Costa Azul Hotel have been very positive for them. They remembered majestic staircases and an imposing hall, and now they’ve seen a big change towards eye-popping decorations and branding, the best breakfast they’ve ever tasted, and exquisite service from the Hotel staff.

If they had to choose one particular part of the Hotel, it would be their guest room, number 401 where, on that day long ago, they watched the sun go down in a blaze of glory, and they’ve remembered it day after day until finally they made their dream come true again: to be together and feel that no time had passed for them.

Their catchphrase for describing the Hotel is: “It invites you to Dream”.

This is their story, a story that they related with the biggest of smiles and with the depth of a love that leaps over barriers. Our jaws dropped when they spoke these words.

We hope to be able to celebrate with the Prices their 60th wedding anniversary when it comes around. Because this is like a movie in the making, and it goes on…