Palma hosts the 2nd Theatre Tournament of the Balearic Islands


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Emotions, humour and drama in a tournament with only words for weapons

For the second year in a row, the “Mar i Terra” Theatre of Palma will be the backdrop of the Balearic Islands’ Theatre Tournament, a competition that aims only to promote and give visibility to the Islands’ blooming actors.

In this second edition, four playwrights will “fight” to become the champion, using only words for weapons.

The tournament is organized in three sessions, two semifinals and a grand finale. The combats, which will all begin at 21:00h, will be presented and moderated by Toni Gomila.

The first semifinal takes place on January 11, in which Marta Barcelo will face off against Juanma Palacios. The second semifinal will be on January 15, and it will count with the presence of the actors Vicent Tur and Joan Lluis Reyes. The winners of both semifinals will confront each other in the Grand Finale of the 2nd Theatre Tournament of the Balearic Islands, scheduled for the following Monday, January 18.

The rules are simple. Only two performers participate in each combat, and they will both have to read a text dramatically for more than forty minutes. Emotion, humour, drama, passion… it all counts towards becoming the winner of the grand tournament. The assisting crowd will be in charge of voting - no cheating. And, most importantly, after each combat… only one can remain!

This event is organized by Produccions de Ferro and the Palma City Hall, in collaboration with Girona’s Temporada Alta Festival, and it is sponsored by Estrella Damm and… wait for it… our very own Hotel Costa Azul. Being art and poetry lovers as we are, our boutique hotel in Palma wouldn’t miss the chance to give our unconditional support to the Balearic theatre scene. And what better occasion than this!

The entrance ticket costs 5€, but a ticket for the three combats can also be purchased for 12€. The tickets can be obtained through the website, at the Information Point of the Historical Centre during morning hours, and at the “Mar i Terra” Theater itself in the afternoons.

Rehearsals are over, no more excuses… the show is served. May the battle begin!