2017 Palma International Boat Show, right near our hotel


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Just like in past years the port of Palma de Mallorca prepares for one of the most important events on the island, the Palma International Boat Show.

At this popular event, which will take place from April 28th until May 2nd, there are more than 150 exhibitors, where you can find professional and specialists in the yachting sector for the whole Mediterranean region.

If you’re looking for** accommodations in Palma de Mallorca** during the days of the boat show, where better than staying in our Hotel Costa Azul, looking out on the Bay of Palma. You can choose a fantastic room with wonderful views of the seafront promenade and miss out on what goes on at this special nautical event. It is only a 15 minutes walk from our hotel, so it’s a great activity to attend during your stay here.

Last year we had the opportunity to be able to attend as participants at the boat show, where we had a great time, and we helped clients get to know the services we provide. In spite of the rain, the people came and enjoyed a small meal worthy of a 4 star hotel, while at the time they looked at the photos of our charming hotel.

The Palma Boat Show it’s a unique opportunity to be able to attend and see the largest and most luxurious yachts, while we moved through the various displays. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an enthusiast or aficionado of the yachting world, since here you’ll be able to really get into the industry. You’ll be able to find everything from companies specialising in fishing accessories, nautical fashion, gastronomy related to the industry, to the latest cutting edge boating technology.

This year there is an investment forum for the first time- for entrepreneurs who want to give their business a boost thanks to private investors known as business angels. Training courses will be provided for whoever wants to take part, so if you’re interested you can find more information following this link.

There’s nothing better than feeling the Mediterranean in all its splendour, present in each corner of our hotel in Mallorca, and at the same time continue the experience, surrounded by the yachting spirit you’ll experience during the Palma International Boat Show.