Palma celebrates the 11th Palma de Mallorca TUI Marathon


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The Costa Azul Hotel, only 15 minutes’ walk from the starting line, will be your best option for a hotel in Palma

Less than a month to go until the famous TUI Marathon in Palma de Mallorca! From 17th to 19th October more than 11,000 runners from over 70 countries around the world will be gathering again in the Balearic capital to run the 42.2 kilometres of what’s regarded as “the best island marathon in the world”.

Take advantage of the prime location of our accommodation in Mallorca, a firm favourite with TUI participants. Here you’ll be able to rise at dawn, take in the spectacular views from the windows, and put on your running shoes to join in the marathon, which passes right in front of the hotel.

Sharing the feeling of freedom and the satisfaction of having gone all out to achieve one’s goal is the very spirit of the Costa Azul Hotel, and this is what we want to do for the race participants who stay with us. We act as team-mates to every one of them, and whatever services they may need, we deliver them one-on-one.

With this in mind, our Xaloc Restaurant prepares and serves a healthy set of choices specially designed for athletes. It offers you the best selection of meat and fish, along with a wide variety of pastas, rices, beans and pulses, and vegetables. To cook the food, we use a griddle, in order to minimize fat and retain a high nutritional value. With the hot food we serve a varied buffet of salads. We also recommend that you try our breakfasts and smoothies, which will top up your energy reserves before your physical exertion.

Runners will be admitted free of charge to our gym that looks out over Palma Bay. Recently renovated, it includes the latest keep-fit equipment. It’s the perfect place to complete your training prior to the big race!

And after your exertion, what could be better than a visit to our urban spa in Palma? Relax in our “Espai Wellness with its chromotherapy showers, bubbly Jacuzzi, and recently-renovated sauna, or book yourself a massage that’ll make you feel like a new person.

Once the race is over, as you refresh yourself in our swimming pool and watch the sun slowly dip beneath the horizon, you’ll be able to see, down below, the route that you ran during the day, and think up your next target, just a bit farther than the one you’ve just achieved.

Photos: TUI Marathon Official Website.