La mar de poesía

A new concept, a new spirit that talks about the sea and literature.

These renovations have given us the perfect excuse to set about reinventing our concept as an establishment and our own identity. We could no longer put off this process of accentuating our individuality in the competitive world of the hotel trade, and this will enhance the value of our comprehensive and revamped palette of services. This process of re-identifying ourselves has given us an opportunity to tap into the deepest roots of Mediterranean culture and to unify two of its basic concepts: literature, and its close and special relationship with the sea.


The sea, which is so close to us, and is directly associated with our name and our roots, is being adopted into our branding, our stationery, our facilities and our interior design. A SEA OF POETRY is the concept that defines the new spirit of the hotel and it revolves around the sea and literature: 126 exclusive rooms, 8 floors connected with the letters from different angles, each with a verse or prose extracts from different authors recognized both nationally and internationally, and all of them related to the sea Authors of literary category such as Carme Riera, Juan Cruz, Ajo, Cristóbal Serra, Patricio Pron, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, Ponç Pons, Antònia Vicens, Biel Mesquida or Maria del Mar Bonet have brought their verses, which have been grouped plants according to themes:


In this metaphorical scenario, the corridors are the crests of endless waves which bear us to each guest room, on whose door we’ll be able to read the first three words of the verse which we’ll be able to enjoy inside it. Once inside, each verse is accompanied by an illustration that decorates the headboard of the bed and is different for each room. An art concept that personalizes each room but unifies the whole hotel and sets it apart, with its own distinct personality.